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    4 Indian Forest Treat Bags

    Price CHF 7.75
    Out of stock

    These cute treat bags with teepees, arrows, mountains and trees patterns are perfect for an adventurous birthday party! A party bag is always a joy to receive, but your guests will be extra delighted when you present them with these charming ones. 

    10 Horses

    Price CHF 9.50

    Each package contains 10 horses.

    8 Mini Slinkies

    Price CHF 5.75

    Each package contains 8 mini slinkies in rainbow colors. Perfect to put in loot bags or even hide inside the pinata!

    Cactus Page Markers

    Price CHF 9.75

    Want to keep your files looking sharp as a cactus even in the dead of winter? Use these stylish looking Cactus Page Markers to track your notes, dates, and anything else you need to point a needle at!

    12 Lip Whistles

    Price CHF 7.75

    Everybody loves to whistle, young and grown-ups. Life’s a barrel of laughs with a little funky bright mouth on yours lips. The whistle makes a whistling noise when you blow. Liven up your lips and have some fun with a dandy attitude! A kiss or a song?

    8 Googly Eye Finger Puppet

    Price CHF 4.25

    What's not to love about these cool super fun googly eye finger puppets. See their imagination run free as they chat, make friends and giggle away!!

    4 Neon Shutter Glasses

    Price CHF 4.75
    Out of stock

    Slide back to the 80s with these neon shutter shades. These glasses will add some fun and flare to any party or costume! These shades are also totally cool for photo booth props!

    Cactus Piñata

    Price CHF 28.75

    Piñatas are a great addition to any birthday parties as they are sure to put a festive touch. Find the magical ribbon that will open the hidden door releasing all the goodies such as candies, confettis or toys!
    Pinata fillers are sold separately.