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Table Setting

    Pirates Plates - Meri Meri

    Price CHF 11.00

    Make your pirate party super colourful and fun with our skull and crossbone plates with bright bandanas and gold foil eyepatches. They are crafted from high quality card, so are practical as well as decorative.They are just perfect for little pirates to load with party food.

    Pirates Party Cups - Meri Meri

    Price CHF 13.00

    Serve the perfect pirate drinks in these special cup and straws set. The Kraft cups have gold foil porthole details, and the blue eco-friendly paper straws have striped skull and crossbone sails.

    Pirates Plates

    Price CHF 7.25

    These shiny gold skull and crossbone plates, complete with swashbuckling eye patches, are just perfect for little pirates to load with party food.

    Pirate Napkins

    Price CHF 6.50

    These shiny gold skull and crossbone napkins, complete with swashbuckling eye patches, are just perfect for a feast for your little pirates!

    Gold Foil Tablecover

    Price CHF 6.50

    Plastic gold tablecover. Made of shiny reflective material it will turn your table into an eye-catching addition to your party!
    Dimension: 137cm x 274cm

    Pirate Centerpiece/Cupcake Stand

    Price CHF 17.00

    Ahoy mateys, this beautifully illustrated pirate bounty centerpiece will look absolutely sensational on the party table. Featuring a ship with stripy sails, skull and crossbones flag, a shiny gold anchor, a host of pirate characters and it also serves as a cupcake stand.

    This Pirate Ship Centerpiece is ready to sail. This delightful centerpiece is the flagship of our pirate party range. . Crafted from thick card so it can be used again and again. 

    Pirates Cake Toppers

    Price CHF 14.00

    Transform a birtjday cake into a pirate island with our fabulous pirates, treasure chest, ship sails and palm tree topers. beautifully crafted with gorgeous details, colors and textures will really delight your party guests. This cake topper is a real treasured find! No need to spend hours with icing when you can turn a cake into a pirate masterpiece with our sensational topper. 

    Pirates Cupcake Kit

    Price CHF 16.00

    Why have plain cupcakes, when you can transform them into 3D pirates, a sail and a treasure box, perfect to add to your pirate themed party? The pirates include a captain with eye-patch and parrot, and a swashbuckling male and female crew signed Meri Meri. Ahoy cupcakes!

    Black Happy Birthday Cake Topper

    Price CHF 4.75

    Make any special cake stand out with this gold Happy Birthday Cake Topper. This cake pick decoration is in a shiny glitterred cardboard. Just stick this cake decoration into any birthday cake for instant pizzazz. It's an easy way to add charm and it makes a safe alternative to burning birthday candles. 

    Black Large Cake Stand

    Price CHF 34.75

    This black cake stand will make any cake, cupcakes or treats much more delicious when placed on this chic cake stand. This elegant cake stand is a real eye catcher and will look good on any festive table.

    Pirate Ahoy Paper Tablecloth to...

    Price CHF 5.75

    This Ahoy Pirate Paper Table cover will make a fun addition to your celebration! This paper table cover will look great on your party table but also doubles as a colouring-in activity for your party mates!

    Pirate Cake Stand

    Price CHF 7.50

    Pirate cardboard cake stand. Re-use to create a festive display at each party!
    Dimsension: 25cm

Decorations & Accessories
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    Black Fringe Garland

    Price CHF 1.90 -60% Regular price CHF 4.75

    Instantly add flair to your party with this tissue fringe garland. This festive party piece is gorgeous when strung up on walls. It will make your special event look and feel ultra-cool. Try using as a creative backdrop for photo booth fun!

    Big Black Honeycomb Ball

    Price CHF 4.25
    Out of stock

    These honeycomb paper balls will add a festive colorful note to your next party! They look stunning combined with different colours and pompoms!
    Dimension: 30cm

    Pirates Flag Garland

    Price CHF 7.75

    This garland is a brilliant decoration for a pirate party and to welcome your guests. 

    3 Giant Pirate Decorations

    Price CHF 22.00

    Make your pirate party extra special with these swashbuckling decorations. The fantastic details and colors will really delight your party guests and are perfect as a photography backdrop too.

Pretty Details

    Black Honeycomb Chandelier

    Price CHF 3.75

    A honeycomb chandelier decoration designed to hang from the ceiling and enhance your chosen party colour scheme. You can turn an ordinary room into a vibrant party space with simple, elegant hanging decorations like these. Combine with other honeycomb decorations to create a spectacular party setting! Pack contains one hanging honeycomb chandelier decoration made from tissue paper. Supplied flat packed, simply fold out and hang! Measures approximately 34 cm tall

    4 Metallic Gold Tassels

    Price CHF 5.75

    Tassel garlands are all the rage right now, a huge party trend! They are a pretty and whimsy way to decorate a party and give it a festive look! Pick & Mix Pick the colors of your tassels to create your very own color combination that will match perfectly your party and decoration.

    Included in this kit: 4 pre-assembled tissue paper tassels of 30.5cm with a white satin ribbon of 2.3m. 

    Cigar Pirate Skull

    Price CHF 14.75

    This resin pirate skull will be the perfect decoration for your pirate theme  party or halloween bash. A great final touch for your table!

    Plastic Skull

    Price CHF 9.25

    This creepy plastic skull will add a spooky touch to your decor. It will be the frightful addition to your haunted house on Halloween night! Nothing brings the fright of Halloween night like this ghostly skull glaring at you with evil eyes! Caution the articulated jaw can bite!

    Treasures Linen Table Runner

    Price CHF 14.75

    If you don't want your grand event to feel like just a plain, ordinary gathering, consider highlighting and jazzing it up with a table runner It will enhance the visual appeal of your party tables and create that perfect finishing touch. It's a trendy must-have which will add a dash of dazzling luxury to your party!

    Treasure Hunt Box

    Price CHF 16.75

    Perfect for a pirate party or treasure hunt, this treasure chest box will look awesome as a statement decoration piece!

Party Bags & Favors
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    1 Pirate Loot Pouch

    Price CHF 2.25

     This cloth loot pouch is perfect to hide all your little treasures.

    144 Gold Coins

    Price CHF 9.25

    Each package contains 144 plastic gold coins. A must for any treasure hunt or to stash in treat bags!

    Pirate ARRRR Tattoos

    Price CHF 4.00

    We love to dress up for birthdays or for celebrate parties with the beautiful ephemeral tattoos signed Meri Meri !

    8 Pirates Eye Patch

    Price CHF 3.75

    8 plastic eye patche. A must for any pirate!

    Pirates Hat

    Price CHF 2.75

    This foam Pirate's hat is exactly what your Matey needs to go on a treasure hunt!

    4 Pirates Paper Hats

    Price CHF 3.50

    Each package contains 4 Pirates paper hats. Perfect to put ypur little guests in the ambiance!

    6 Maze Puzzles

    Price CHF 5.25

    Each package contains 6 maze puzzle games in assorted designs.  See how long it takes you to place the ball in the center! Warning, this fun game looks way easier than it is!

    2 Pop & Catch Games

    Price CHF 5.00

    Each package contains 2 pop and catch games. See how long it takes you to catch the ball! Warning, this fun game looks way easier than it is!

    1 Pink Pirates Eye Patch with...

    Price CHF 3.25

    1 pink fabric pirate eye patch with plastic clip on earring. A must for any pirate!

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    Pirate Blowouts

    Price CHF 7.75

    Party blowouts are a staple at any fun celebration to get a party started. Children love party blowers, such a fun way to make lots of joyful noise! These party blowers are perfect for a pirate-themed party.  Take these out when it's cake time and make some noise to celebrate in style! 3, 2, 1, blow!

Games & Activities

    Pirate Photo Booth

    Price CHF 5.75

    Photobooth kit of 10 different props mounted on sticks. Fun to strike a pose and great for a flapper good time! Capture your big day with unique and delirious photos of your friends and family with this kit. Laughter guaranteed with the very young to the young at heart! This kit includes 10 different cardboard cutouts. 22cm Now, Everybody Say Cheese!

    Pirate Party Game

    Price CHF 3.50

    Pirate party game to fix on wall. The player who sticks his sticker the nearest to the indicated spot wins. Laugter guaranteed specially if you turn the kids on themselves before placing them in front of the game. Make sure to have party favor prizes for the players.
    The game includes 24 self-stick game pieces, one game sheet to stick on wall (38,1cm x 49,5cm), a blindfold and instructions.

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    Pirate Ship Mylar Balloon

    Price CHF 11.25

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons.

    This pirate's ship shaped mylar balloon makes a wonderful decoration, helping you set the scene at your party.

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    5 Gold Confetti Balloons

    Price CHF 5.00

    These transparent latex balloons are filled with festive confettis. They are a great touch to make any party pop with style! And for the heavy crazy party lovers out there you an pop them at the end of the party to see a rain of confettis! Important: For the confetti to stick to the side of the balloon, it needs to be made static and the balloon must be filled with air. When the balloon is filled with helium the confetti forms a lovely layer on the bottom of the balloon. 

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    8 Pearlized Gold Champagne Balloons

    Price CHF 3.25

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons.

    They make wonderful decorations, helping you set the scene at your party.

    Black Curling Ribbon

    Price CHF 3.25

    Curling ribbon on a roll of 90m ideal to tie your balloons or to decorate your gift packages.

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    Black Round Mylar Balloon

    Price CHF 2.50

    What's a party without balloons? No other decorating staple is as fun and timeless as balloons. They make wonderful decorations, helping you set the scene at your party.

    This pretty round mylar balloon will add a stylish and festive detail to your party.

    Helium Tank

    Price CHF 37.75

    Our disposable helium tank lets you inflate balloons without wasting your time and losing your breath! This disposable tank gives you the convenience of blowing up balloons anytime, anywhere to instantly transform an everyday space into a celebration.

    A must have for any party! 

    Balloon Pump

    Price CHF 12.75

    A sturdy double action Qualatex pump for inflating your balloons. The double action balloon inflator means both the upstroke and downstroke of this pump push air into your balloons, making for smooth, nearly effortless inflation.

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    Pirate Map Mylar Balloon

    Price CHF 4.50

    Mylar balloon.
    Dimension: 45 cm

    Size: 6-8 years

    Captain Pirate Kids Costume

    Price CHF 29.75

    Our Captain Pirate Costume is fun and ideal for every pirate party! It features striped white and black cropped trousers, a top with shirt and ruffle collar, a contrasting blue satin belt and a captain's jacket, together with an EVA hat with looks-like feather attached. The pirate's look is completed with a role-play hook to give to every child the feeling of a real pirate's adventure!

    Children Captain Pirate Costume includes:

    • Trousers
    • Top
    • Pirate hat
    • EVA hook