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    Royal Blue Tissue Gift Sheets

    Price CHF 1.75

    Each package includes 10 silk tissue gift sheets. Each sheet measures 51cm x 66cm

    6 Glitter Bounce Balls

    Price CHF 5.25

    Each package contains 6 bounce balls. Your guests are sure to have loads of fun with them while making them bounce everywhere!

    2 Sea Temporary Tattoos

    Price CHF 4.00

    2 temporary tattos from Meri Meri. Cool and design for small and big kids alike! Sticks easily in 30 seconds, lasts a long time and comes off with soap!

    Ocean Eraser & Sharpener

    Price CHF 4.25
    Out of stock

    There are things that simply belong together. Just like the ocean friends who are pencil sharpeners and erasers in one - an unbeatable team! The cute marine animals should not be missing in any pencil case. If the pencil breaks off, the sharpener is the savior in an emergency and accidental mistakes are simply undone by the removable eraser. No matter whether blue whale, clown fish, octopus or sea turtle - the cute ocean friends sweeten every boring lesson.