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    Helium Tank

    Price CHF 37.75

    Our disposable helium tank lets you inflate balloons without wasting your time and losing your breath! This disposable tank gives you the convenience of blowing up balloons anytime, anywhere to instantly transform an everyday space into a celebration.

    A must have for any party! 

    Balloon Pump

    Price CHF 12.75

    A sturdy double action Qualatex pump for inflating your balloons. The double action balloon inflator means both the upstroke and downstroke of this pump push air into your balloons, making for smooth, nearly effortless inflation.

    Electric Balloon Inflator

    Price CHF 280.00

    Professional electric balloon inflator. With this easy-to-use Electric Balloon Pump, filling dozens or even hundreds of latex and mylar/foil balloons with air is a snap. Simply slip your balloon over the tip, push, and inflate in seconds, saving your breath and energy for party fun.

    The pump needs power (220 volts) to operate and is fitted with a timer. This timer makes sure the pump stops inflating after a set period of time (in seconds). This way you won't have that many bursting due to over inflating and will have all your balloons end up at roughly the same size. A smaller nozzle is included to inflate mini and foil/mylar balloons.

    Fast, powerful and durable, this electric air pump will make life easier every time a special occasion rolls around! Spend more time celebrating and less time inflating!

    Perforated Balloon Garland Tape

    Price CHF 7.50

    This balloon garland tape is the best kept secret! Create stunning custom balloon  garlands, walls and arches easily with this special transparent non-adhesive tape. 

    Simply inflate and knot your balloons and pull the knot ends of the inflated balloons through the holes! Finally, bend the flexible balloon strip and arrange the balloons until you've created your desired shape. Have fun doing awesome custom garlands for your next event! 

    The ribbon is transparent, it will be invisible once filled with balloons.