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    Magic Plates

    Price CHF 10.00

    Give your party a magical touch with these fabulous plates. They are beautifully crafted in an octagonal shape with a gold foil border and iconic images relating to magical trick sure to delight your guests. 

    Magic Plates - Bunny

    Price CHF 10.00

    Give your party a magical touch with these fabulous plates from Meri Meri. They are perfect to serve food on, and they make excellent decorations too

    Magic Napkins

    Price CHF 7.00

    Give your party a magical touch with these fabulous napkins from Meri Meri. These amazing red, black and white napkins will add a magical element to any party. They feature classic Ace card designs, and are both practical to use and fantastic to look at it.

    Magic Cups

    Price CHF 6.75
    Out of stock

    Your guests will love drinks presented in these magical cups featuring seven sensational designs including stars, stripes, hearts and spades.
    Lots of holographic gold foil detail and a border add shine and style. They are perfect for any celebration which you want to fill with wonder and fun!

    Magic Cupcake Kit

    Price CHF 15.00

    Make your cupcakes look magical with this amazing cupcake kit. It includes 24 toppers in 4 designs, featuring gold glittering stars, cards, rabbits popping out of a hat and doves. It also has 24 cases crafted from gold foil. The kit is presented in a special magic show box, with a gold cord handle. It makes a fantastic gift!

    Large Metallic Gold Star Plates

    Price CHF 8.50

    These shimmering star plates will look absolutely amazing at any special event. Each pack comes with a choice of brilliant colors, to add style and shine to the celebration.  This plate will also be perfect for elegantly presenting sweets and petits fours on your party table.

    Copper Moon Plates

    Price CHF 7.50

    These shiny crescent moon plates, made with shiny copper foil and from eco-friendly paper, are really out of this world! They are ideal to give your party table a nighttime theme, as all things thrilling happen once the moonlight appears!

    8 Pastel Star Plates

    Price CHF 7.25

    These pastel peach plates, covered with sparkling silver stars, will add an elegant touch to your party table. They have a beautiful scalloped border, and the stars have shiny silver foil details that your guests are sure to be impressed with!


    Price CHF 4.50

    Plastic black tablecover.
    Dimension: 137cm x 274cm


    Price CHF 8.25

    Plastic black tablecover with adhesive strip backing.
    Dimension: 73cm x 426cm

    18 Red Cutlery

    Price CHF 3.50

    Each package contains 18 red plastic cutlery: 6 forks, 6 spoons and 6 knives.
    Washable and reusable

    18 Wooden Cutlery Gold Stars

    Price CHF 6.25

    Each package has 16 wooden cutlery. They are perfect to decorate your candy-bar or sweet table. They will add a vintage and colorful touch to your parties and desserts! They are the latest party trend and rage! Eco-friendly

    8 Black Polka Dots Treat Boxes

    Price CHF 3.75

    Each package contains 8 scalloped treat boxes. Wonderful to fill with all sorts of treats, candies, popcorn at your parties!
    Dimension: 12,7cm H x 10cm x 5cm